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  • n. Force; power.
  • n. Abbreviation of viscount.
  • n. Alternative spelling of viss.
  • The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • n. in law, an irresistible natural force, exempting one, barring special contract or fraud, from contract obligation. In both the civil and the common law the term has nearly the meaning of “act of God.”
  • n. An abbreviation of viscount. Also written Visc., Visct.
  • n. Vision; sight; appearance.
  • n. An old spelling of vise.
  • n. Force.
  • n. Hence— Moral indisposition to commit one's self to an energetic line of action; mental sluggishness.
  • Word Usage
    "I feel your pain vis a vis engorgement – only I never have problems getting milk OUT."
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