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The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  • v. To cause to move after or toward one by applying continuous force; drag: drew the chair closer to the table; a team of horses drawing a wagon. See Synonyms at pull.
  • v. To cause to move in a given direction or to a given position, as by leading: The teacher drew the children into the room to see the decorations.
  • v. To move or pull so as to cover or uncover something: draw the curtains.
  • v. To cause to flow forth: a pump drawing water; a blow that drew blood.
  • v. To suck or take in (air, for example); inhale.
  • v. To require (a specified depth of water) for floating: a boat drawing 18 inches.
  • v. To take or pull out: drew a gun from beneath the counter; drew out a fat wallet.
  • v. To extract or take for one's own use: draw strength from one's friends.
  • v. To make (tea) by steeping.
  • v. To eviscerate; disembowel.
  • v. To cause to come by attracting; attract: afraid the casino will draw undesirable elements to the town.
  • v. To select or take in from a given group, type, or region: draw clients from all levels of society.
  • v. To bring to a certain condition or action; lead: drawn to despair; drew them to resign.
  • v. To bring about deliberately; provoke: draw enemy fire; draw a penalty on an opponent.
  • v. To evoke as a response; elicit: a performance that drew jeers from the audience.
  • v. To earn; gain: deposits that draw interest at a rate of 5 percent.
  • v. To withdraw (money).
  • v. To use (a check, for example) when paying.
  • v. To receive on a regular basis or at a specified time: draw a pension.
  • v. To take or receive by chance: draw lots.
  • v. Games To take (cards) from a dealer or central stack.
  • v. Games To force (a card) to be played.
  • v. To end or leave (a contest) tied or undecided.
  • v. Sports To hit or strike (a billiard ball, for example) so as to give it backspin.
  • v. Sports To hit (a golf ball) with a draw.
  • v. To pull back the string of (a bow).
  • v. To distort the shape of.
  • v. To stretch taut.
  • v. To flatten, stretch, or mold (metal) by hammering or die stamping.
  • v. To shape or elongate (a wire, for example) by pulling through dies.
  • v. To inscribe (a line or lines) with a pencil or other marking implement.
  • v. To make a likeness of on a surface, using mostly lines; depict with lines: drew a map of the area; drawing landscapes and still lifes.
  • v. To portray in writing or speech; depict with words: draws moving scenes of ghetto life.
  • v. To formulate or devise from evidence or data at hand: draw a comparison.
  • v. To compose or write out in legal format: draw a deed.
  • verb-intransitive. To proceed or move steadily: a ship drawing near the shore.
  • verb-intransitive. To attract customers or spectators: The new play is drawing well.
  • verb-intransitive. To pour forth liquid: The patient's veins don't draw easily.
  • verb-intransitive. To cause suppuration.
  • verb-intransitive. To take in a draft of air: The flue isn't drawing.
  • verb-intransitive. To steep in or as if in the manner of tea.
  • verb-intransitive. To pull out a weapon for use.
  • verb-intransitive. To use or call upon part of a fund or supply: drawing on an account; drew from the experience of fellow workers.
  • verb-intransitive. To contract or tighten: material that draws when it dries.
  • verb-intransitive. To conclude a contest without either side winning; tie: The chess players drew in 32 moves.
  • verb-intransitive. To make a likeness with lines on a surface; sketch.
  • n. An act of drawing.
  • n. The result of drawing.
  • n. Something drawn, especially a lot, card, or cards drawn at random.
  • n. Sports & Games The arrangement of competitors in a tournament in which the match-ups are made at random.
  • n. Sports & Games A match-up or opponent in such a tournament.
  • n. An inhalation, especially through a pipe or other smoking implement.
  • n. One that attracts interest, customers, or spectators: a singer who is a popular draw.
  • n. The movable part of a drawbridge.
  • n. A special advantage; an edge: have the draw on one's enemies.
  • n. A contest ending without either side winning.
  • n. A small natural depression that water drains into; a shallow gully.
  • n. Football A play in which the quarterback drops back as if to pass and then hands off to a running back.
  • n. Sports A face-off.
  • n. Games A draw shot.
  • n. Sports A moderate, usually controlled hook in golf.
  • phrasal-verb. draw away To move ahead of competitors.
  • phrasal-verb. draw back To retreat.
  • phrasal-verb. draw down To deplete by consuming or spending: drew down our food reserves.
  • phrasal-verb. draw on To approach: as evening draws on.
  • phrasal-verb. draw out To prolong; protract.
  • phrasal-verb. draw out To induce to speak freely: managed to draw the shy child out.
  • phrasal-verb. draw up To compose or write in a set form; write out: draw up a contract; draw up a list.
  • phrasal-verb. draw up To bring (troops, for example) into order.
  • phrasal-verb. draw up To bring or come to a halt.
  • phrasal-verb. draw up To bring (oneself) into an erect posture, often as an expression of dignity or indignation.
  • phrasal-verb. draw up Chiefly Southern U.S. To shrink when washed. Used of clothes.
  • idiom. draw a blank To fail to find or remember something.
  • idiom. draw and quarter To execute (a prisoner) by tying each limb to a horse and driving the horses in different directions.
  • idiom. draw and quarter To disembowel and dismember after hanging.
  • idiom. draw and quarter Informal To punish severely: The teenager was drawn and quartered for wrecking the family's only car.
  • idiom. draw straws To decide by a lottery with straws of unequal lengths.
  • idiom. draw the line To decide firmly an arbitrary boundary between two things: "Where do you draw the line between your own decisions and those of your superiors?” ( Robert Marion).
  • idiom. draw the line To decide firmly the limit of what one will tolerate or participate in: The officer committed fraud but drew the line at blackmail.
  • Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  • v. To sketch; depict with lines; to produce a picture with pencil, crayon, chalk, etc. on paper, cardboard, etc.
  • v. To drag, pull.
  • v. To pull out (as a gun from a holster, or a tooth).
  • v. To extract a liquid, or cause a liquid to come out, primarily water or blood, as in get water from a well, to run water for a bath, take a blood sample, or cause to bleed (the wound drew blood).
  • v. To attract.
  • v. To deduce or infer.
  • v. : to rely on; utilize as a source.
  • v. To disembowel.
  • v. To pull back the arrow in preparation for shooting.
  • v. To close.
  • v. (of drinks, especially tea) To leave temporarily so as to allow the flavour to increase.
  • v. To play a draw; to end a game in a draw (with neither side winning).
  • v. To consume, for example, power.
  • v. To determine the result of a lottery.
  • v. To take the top card of a deck into hand.
  • v. To trade in cards for replacements in draw poker games; to attempt to improve one's hand with future cards. See also draw out.
  • v. inhale
  • v. to cause
  • n. The result of a contest in which neither side has won; a tie.
  • n. The procedure by which the result of a lottery is determined.
  • n. The result of a two-innings match in which at least one side did not complete all their innings before time ran out. Different from a tie.
  • n. A golf shot that (for the right-handed player) curves intentionally to the left. See hook, slice, fade
  • n. A shot that lands in play without hitting another stone out, as opposed to a takeout shot.
  • n. A dry stream bed that drains surface water only during periods of heavy rain or flooding.
  • n. Cannabis.
  • n. In a commission-based job, an advance on future (potential) commissions given to an employee by the employer.
  • n. A situation in which one or more players has four cards of the same suit or four out of five necessary cards for a straight and requires a further card to make their flush or straight.
  • n. The schedule of games in a sports league - NRL Fixtures - 2011 NRL Draw
  • n. The act of pulling back the strings in preparation of firing.
  • the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  • v. To cause to move continuously by force applied in advance of the thing moved; to pull along; to haul; to drag; to cause to follow.
  • v. To influence to move or tend toward one's self; to exercise an attracting force upon; to call towards itself; to attract; hence, to entice; to allure; to induce.
  • v. To cause to come out for one's use or benefit; to extract; to educe; to bring forth; as: (a) To bring or take out, or to let out, from some receptacle, as a stick or post from a hole, water from a cask or well, etc.
  • v. To pull from a sheath, as a sword.
  • v. To extract; to force out; to elicit; to derive.
  • v. To obtain from some cause or origin; to infer from evidence or reasons; to deduce from premises; to derive.
  • v. To take or procure from a place of deposit; to call for and receive from a fund, or the like; as, to draw money from a bank.
  • v. To take from a box or wheel, as a lottery ticket; to receive from a lottery by the drawing out of the numbers for prizes or blanks; hence, to obtain by good fortune; to win; to gain; as, he drew a prize.
  • v. To select by the drawing of lots.
  • v. To remove the contents of.
  • v. To drain by emptying; to suck dry.
  • v. To extract the bowels of; to eviscerate.
  • v. To take into the lungs; to inhale; to inspire; hence, also, to utter or produce by an inhalation; to heave.
  • v. To extend in length; to lengthen; to protract; to stretch; to extend, as a mass of metal into wire.
  • v. To run, extend, or produce, as a line on any surface; hence, also, to form by marking; to make by an instrument of delineation; to produce, as a sketch, figure, or picture.
  • v. To represent by lines drawn; to form a sketch or a picture of; to represent by a picture; to delineate; hence, to represent by words; to depict; to describe.
  • v. To write in due form; to prepare a draught of
  • v. To require (so great a depth, as of water) for floating; -- said of a vessel; to sink so deep in (water).
  • v. To withdraw.
  • v. To trace by scent; to track; -- a hunting term.
  • v.
  • v. To play (a short-length ball directed at the leg stump) with an inclined bat so as to deflect the ball between the legs and the wicket.
  • v. To hit (the ball) with the toe of the club so that it is deflected toward the left.
  • v. To strike (the cue ball) below the center so as to give it a backward rotation which causes it to take a backward direction on striking another ball.
  • v. To throw up (the stone) gently.
  • v. To leave (a contest) undecided.
  • verb-intransitive. To pull; to exert strength in drawing anything; to have force to move anything by pulling
  • verb-intransitive. To draw a liquid from some receptacle, as water from a well.
  • verb-intransitive. To exert an attractive force; to act as an inducement or enticement.
  • verb-intransitive. To have efficiency as an epispastic; to act as a sinapism; -- said of a blister, poultice, etc.
  • verb-intransitive. To have draught, as a chimney, flue, or the like; to furnish transmission to smoke, gases, etc.
  • verb-intransitive. To unsheathe a weapon, especially a sword.
  • verb-intransitive. To perform the act, or practice the art, of delineation; to sketch; to form figures or pictures.
  • verb-intransitive. To become contracted; to shrink.
  • verb-intransitive. To move; to come or go; literally, to draw one's self; -- with prepositions and adverbs; as, to draw away, to move off, esp. in racing, to get in front; to obtain the lead or increase it; to draw back, to retreat; to draw level, to move up even (with another); to come up to or overtake another; to draw off, to retire or retreat; to draw on, to advance; to draw up, to form in array; to draw near, draw nigh, or draw towards, to approach; to draw together, to come together, to collect.
  • verb-intransitive. To make a draft or written demand for payment of money deposited or due; -- usually with on or upon.
  • verb-intransitive. To admit the action of pulling or dragging; to undergo draught.
  • verb-intransitive. To sink in water; to require a depth for floating.
  • n. The act of drawing; draught.
  • n. A lot or chance to be drawn.
  • n. the act of drawing a lot or chance.
  • n. A drawn game or battle, etc; a tied game; a tie.
  • n. That part of a bridge which may be raised, swung round, or drawn aside; the movable part of a drawbridge. See the Note under Drawbridge.
  • n. The result of drawing, or state of being drawn
  • n. A drawn battle, game, or the like.
  • n. The spin or twist imparted to a ball, or the like, by a drawing stroke.
  • n. That which is drawn or is subject to drawing.
  • The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • To give motion to by the action of pulling; cause to move toward the force applied, or in the line of pull or traction: often with an adverb of direction: as, to draw a wagon, a train, or a load; to draw down the blinds.
  • To pull along, as a curtain, or to pull with strings, as a purse, so as to open or to close it; pull across: as, to draw the bow across the strings of a violin.
  • To remove or extract by pulling: as, to draw a sword (from its scabbard); to draw teeth; to draw a cork.
  • To take or let out, as from a receptacle or repository; remove; withdraw: as, to draw water from a well or wine from a cask; to draw blood; to draw money from a bank; to draw the charge from a gun.
  • To take, get, derive, or obtain, as from a source: as, to draw supplies from home; to draw consolation from the promises of Scripture.
  • To lead or take along, as by inducement, persuasion, or command; induce or cause to go with one: as, to draw a person to the top of a hill.
  • To lead or cause to come; bring by inducement or attraction; call up or together; attract: as, to draw a large audience; to draw lightning from the clouds.
  • In billiards, to cause to recoil after impact, as if pulled back: as, to draw a ball.
  • To allure; entice; induce: as, to draw the attention of an assembly.
  • To elicit; evoke; bring out by some inducement or influence: as, to draw a confession from a criminal; to draw the fire of an enemy in order to ascertain his strength or gain some advantage; to draw down vengeance upon one's head.
  • To deduce; infer: as, to draw conclusions or arguments from the facts that have come to light; to draw an inference.
  • To extort; force out: as, the recital of his sufferings drew tears from every eye.
  • To inhale or suck in; get or cause to pass by inhalation or suction: as, to draw a long breath; to draw air into the lungs; the dust is drawn into the chimney.
  • To drain or let out the contents of; empty by drawing off a fluid from: as, to draw a pond.
  • To drag along on the ground or other surface; move in contact with a surface: as, to draw the finger over anything.
  • To eviscerate; disembowel: as, to draw poultry; hanged, drawn, and quartered. See hang, v.
  • To extract the strength or essential qualities of; prepare by infusion: as, to draw tea.
  • To extend by or as if by pulling; stretch; lengthen; prolong: as, to draw wire; to draw a long face.
  • To pull to a certain point, as a bowstring or a bow, in order to release it with an impetus.
  • To drag or force from cover, as a fox, badger, etc.; force to appear. See badger-baiting.
  • To bring out by coaxing or stratagem; cause to declare one's views or opinions; betray into utterance.
  • To produce; bring in: as, the deposits draw interest.
  • To get or obtain, especially as due; take or receive by right, as for service, success in competition, etc.
  • To trace; mark or lay out: as, to draw a straight line.
  • To delineate; sketch in lines or words; depict: as, to draw a plan or a portrait; he drew a graphic picture of the condition of the city.
  • To make a draft of; write out in form; in old use, to compose or compile: as, to draw a deed; to draw a check.
  • Nautical, to require a depth of at least (so many feet of water) in order to float: said of a vessel: as, the ship draws 10 feet of water.
  • In medicine, to digest and cause to discharge: as, to draw an abscess or ulcer by a poultice or plaster.
  • In card-playing, to take or receive, as a card or cards not yet dealt from the pack, or one to which a player is entitled from another hand.
  • In mining, to raise (ore) to the surface.
  • To collect; bring together: as, to draw in one's loans.
  • To entice, allure, or inveigle: as, he was cunningly drawn in by a schemer.
  • To take or cause to flow: as, to draw off wine or cider from a vessel.
  • To extract by distillation.
  • To occasion; invite; bring about.
  • To lengthen in time; cause to continue; protract.
  • To cause to issue forth; draw off, as liquor from a cask.
  • To extract, as the spirit of a substance.
  • To detach; separate from the main body: as, to draw out a file or party of men.
  • To range; array in line.
  • To elicit by questioning or address; cause to be declared: call forth: as, to draw out facts from a witness.
  • To lead to speak or act freely; obtain an unreserved exhibition of the opinions or character of: as, to draw out a bashful person at a party; to draw one out on religion or politics.
  • To persuade or induce to revolt from an opposing party, and to join one's own party: as, some men may be drawn over by interest, others by fear.
  • To bring together in regular order or arrangement, as in line of battle; array.
  • To compose in due form, as a writing, in order to embody what has been proposed; prepare in writing: as, to draw up a petition; to draw up a memorandum of contract.
  • Word Usage
    "Here, narrative games includes super linear games like CoD4 AND games with a malleable narrative like Deus Ex or Fallout, but not games where the main draw is futzing with a ruleset, such as the way most people play GTA outside of the missions or games like Noby Noby Boy."
    Verb Form
    drawed    drawing    drawn    draws    drew   
    Words that are more generic or abstract
    entertainer    move    go    breathe in    inhale    inspire    physical object    object    need    necessitate   
    Cross Reference
    attract    inhale    utter    extract    rouse    elicit    derive    infer    remove    divert   
    drew    drawn    drawbridge   
    blot    wipe up    sponge up    mop    mop up    rub    thread   
    Words with the same meaning
    drag    attract    allure    induce    extract    educe    elicit    derive    win    gain   
    Words with the same terminal sound
    Baugh    Gaw    Haw    Law    Shaw    Straw    Waugh    aw    awe    bashaw   
    Same Context
    Words that are found in similar contexts
    drawing    illustration    portrait    read    diagram    picture    write    outline    representation    pass