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The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  • adj. Of, relating to, or suggestive of an empire or a sovereign, especially an emperor or empress: imperial rule; the imperial palace.
  • adj. Ruling over extensive territories or over colonies or dependencies: imperial nations.
  • adj. Having supreme authority; sovereign.
  • adj. Regal; majestic.
  • adj. Outstanding in size or quality.
  • adj. Of or belonging to the British Imperial System of weights and measures.
  • n. An emperor or empress.
  • n. The top of a carriage.
  • n. Something outstanding in size or quality.
  • n. A variable size of paper, usually 23 by 33 inches (55.8 by 83.8 centimeters).
  • n. A pointed beard grown from the lower lip and chin.
  • Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  • adj. Related to an empire, emperor, or empress.
  • adj. Relating to the British imperial system of measurement.
  • adj. Very grand or fine.
  • adj. Of special, superior, or unusual size or excellence.
  • n. A bottle of wine (usually Bordeaux) containing 6 liters of fluid, eight times the volume of a standard bottle.
  • n. A printing-paper size measuring 30 inches x 22 inches.
  • the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  • adj. Of or pertaining to an empire, or to an emperor
  • adj. Belonging to, or suitable to, supreme authority, or one who wields it; royal; sovereign; supreme.
  • adj. Of superior or unusual size or excellence
  • n. The tuft of hair on a man's lower lip and chin; -- so called from the style of beard of Napoleon III.
  • n. An outside seat on a diligence.
  • n. A luggage case on the top of a coach.
  • n. Anything of unusual size or excellence, as a large decanter, a kind of large photograph, a large sheet of drawing, printing, or writing paper, etc.
  • n. A gold coin of Russia worth ten rubles, or about eight dollars.
  • n. A kind of fine cloth brought into England from Greece. or other Eastern countries, in the Middle Ages.
  • n. A game at cards differing from piquet in some minor details, and in having a trump; also, any one of several combinations of cards which score in this game.
  • The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Of or pertaining to an empire, or to an emperor or empress.
  • Of or pertaining to supreme authority, or to one who wieldsit; sovereign; supreme; august; commanding.
  • Fit or suitable for an emperor; hence, of imposing size or excellence.
  • In the old German empire, a city directly subordinate to the empire, having a seat and vote in the Reichstag. The constitutions of such cities varied greatly, some being democratic and others aristocratic. Of the fifty-one impperial cities existing in the eighteenth century, nearly all lost their practical independence in 1803, and were annexed to other states. Three of them —Hamburg, Bremen, and Lübeck - are members of the modern German empire.
  • n. A gold coin issued by imperial authority; specifically, a Russian gold coin of the eighteenth century, of the value of 10 rubles. The half-imperial, of 5 rubles, is still coined.
  • n. In architecture, an imperial roof or dome.
  • n. The top of a carriage, especially of a diligence; hence, a case for luggage carried on the top of a coach.
  • n. A small part of the beard left growing from the middle of the chin near the under lip, the rest being shaved off: so called from the emperor Xapoleon III., who wore his beard in this way.
  • n. Anything of unusual size or excellence, as a large decanter, etc.
  • n. A size of writing-paper, 22 × 30 inches; also, a size of printing-paper, 22 × 32 inches.
  • n. A size of slates, 2 feet wide and from 1 foot to 2½ feet in length.
  • n. A rich fabric in use throughout the middle, ages, the material and nature of which are unknown, except that it was often enriched by the use of gold.
  • n. A game at cards mentioned as having been played by Henry VIII.
  • n. A beverage made by dissolving half an ounce of cream-of-tartar in three pints of boiling water, and adding four ounces of white sugar and half an ounce of fresh lemon- peel.
  • n. A member of the imperial or emperor's party; a soldier of the imperial army.
  • n. An imperial personage; an emperor.
  • WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  • adj. relating to or associated with an empire
  • adj. of or belonging to the British Imperial System of weights and measures
  • adj. belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler
  • adj. befitting or belonging to an emperor or empress
  • n. a small tufted beard worn by Emperor Napoleon III
  • n. a piece of luggage carried on top of a coach
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    noble    gallon   
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    face fungus    whiskers    beard    baggage    luggage   
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    royal    sovereign    supreme    imperial system   
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    royal    papal    Austrian    ecclesiastical    colonial