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The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  • preposition. In the company of; accompanying: Did you go with her?
  • preposition. Next to; alongside of: stood with the rabbi; sat with the family.
  • preposition. Having as a possession, attribute, or characteristic: arrived with bad news; a man with a moustache.
  • preposition. Used as a function word to indicate accompanying detail or condition: just sat there with his mouth open.
  • preposition. In a manner characterized by: performed with skill; spoke with enthusiasm.
  • preposition. In the performance, use, or operation of: had trouble with the car.
  • preposition. In the charge or keeping of: left the cat with the neighbors.
  • preposition. In the opinion or estimation of: if it's all right with you.
  • preposition. In support of; on the side of: I'm with anyone who wants to help the homeless.
  • preposition. Of the same opinion or belief as: He is with us on that issue.
  • preposition. In the same group or mixture as; among: planted onions with the carrots.
  • preposition. In the membership or employment of: plays with a jazz band; is with a publishing company.
  • preposition. By the means or agency of: eat with a fork; made us laugh with his jokes.
  • preposition. By the presence or use of: a pillow stuffed with feathers; balloons filled with helium.
  • preposition. In spite of: With all her experience, she could not get a job.
  • preposition. In the same direction as: sail with the wind; flow with the river.
  • preposition. At the same time as: gets up with the birds.
  • preposition. In regard to: We are pleased with her decision. They are disgusted with the status quo.
  • preposition. Used as a function word to indicate a party to an action, communicative activity, or informal agreement or settlement: played with the dog; had a talk with the class; lives with an aunt.
  • preposition. In comparison or contrast to: a car identical with the one her sister just bought.
  • preposition. Having received: With her permission, he left. I escaped with just a few bruises.
  • preposition. And; plus: My books, with my brother's, make a sizable library. We had turkey with all the trimmings.
  • preposition. Inclusive of; including: comes to $29.95 with postage and handling.
  • preposition. In opposition to; against: wrestling with an opponent.
  • preposition. As a result or consequence of: trembling with fear; sick with the flu.
  • preposition. So as to be touching or joined to: coupled the first car with the second; linked arms with their partners.
  • preposition. So as to be free of or separated from: parted with her husband.
  • preposition. In the course of: We grow older with the hours.
  • preposition. In proportion to: wines that improve with age.
  • preposition. In relationship to: at ease with my peers.
  • preposition. As well as; in favorable comparison to: She could sing with the best of them.
  • preposition. According to the experience or practice of: With me, it is a question of priorities.
  • preposition. Used as a function word to indicate close association: With the advent of the rockets, the Space Age began.
  • idiom. in with Informal In league or association with: He is in with the wrong crowd.
  • idiom. with it Informal Interested in and sensitive to the latest styles and trends; up-to-date.
  • idiom. with it Informal Streetwise and knowing; savvy.
  • idiom. with it Informal Mentally competent.
  • Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  • preposition. against
  • preposition. in the company of; alongside, along side of; close to; near to:
  • preposition. in addition to; as an accessory to:
  • preposition. Used to indicate simultaneous happening, or immediate succession or consequence.
  • preposition. in support of:
  • preposition. To denote the accomplishment of cause, means, instrument, etc; – sometimes equivalent to by.
  • preposition. as an instrument; by means of
  • preposition. as nourishment, more recently replaced by on
  • the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  • v.
  • n.
  • n. See withe.
  • preposition. With denotes or expresses some situation or relation of nearness, proximity, association, connection, or the like.
  • preposition. To denote a close or direct relation of opposition or hostility; -- equivalent to against.
  • preposition. To denote association in respect of situation or environment; hence, among; in the company of.
  • preposition. To denote a connection of friendship, support, alliance, assistance, countenance, etc.; hence, on the side of.
  • preposition. To denote the accomplishment of cause, means, instrument, etc; -- sometimes equivalent to by.
  • preposition. To denote association in thought, as for comparison or contrast.
  • preposition. To denote simultaneous happening, or immediate succession or consequence.
  • preposition. To denote having as a possession or an appendage.
  • The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Against: noting competition, opposition, or antagonism: as, to fight with the Romans (that is, against them); to vie with each other.
  • Noting association or connection.
  • Harmony, agreement, or alliance: as, one color may or may not go with another; to fight with the national troops; to side or vote with the reformers.
  • Combination or composition: as, wine mixed with water.
  • Addition or conjunction: as, England (with Wales), Scotland, and Ireland make the United Kingdom.
  • Communication, intercourse, or interaction.
  • Simultaneousness.
  • As a property, attribute, or belonging of; in the possession, care, keeping, service, or employment of: as, to leave a package with one; to be with the A. B. Manufacturing Co.
  • Having, possessing, bearing, or characterized by: as, the boy has come with the letter; Thebes, with its grand old walls; Rome, with her seven hills.
  • In the region, sphere, or experience of; followed by a plural, among; also, in the sight, estimation, or opinion of: as, a holy prophet with God.
  • In respect of; in relation to; as regards; as to: as, have patience with me; what is your will with me?
  • Like; analogously to; hence, specifically, at the same time or rate as; according to; in proportion to.
  • By.
  • An instrument or means: as, to write with a pen; to cut with a knife; to heal with herbs.
  • An accessory, as of material, contents, etc.: as, a ring set with diamonds; a ship laden with cotton; a bottle filled with water.
  • Through; on account or in consequence of; by reason of: expressing cause: as, he trembled with fear; to perish with hunger.
  • Using; showing: in phrases of manner: as, to win with ease; to pull with a will.
  • From: noting separation, difference, disagreement, etc.: as, he will not part with it on any account; to differ with a person; to break with old ties.
  • With was formerly used in many idioms to denote relations now expressed rather by of, to, etc.
  • See the verbs.
  • Moreover.
  • Thereupon.
  • Synonyms With and by are so closely allied in many of their uses that it is impossible to lay down a rule by which these uses may at all times be distinguished. The same may be said, but to a less extent, of with and through.
  • n. See withe.
  • n. A prefix of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘against.’ It was formerly common, but of the Middle English words containing it only two remain in common use—withdraw and withhold.
  • Word Usage
    "Apparently, Blankenship is one of those guys who love to take risks -- with his own life and with  the lives of others."
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