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the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  • n. The quality or state of being clear.
  • The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • n. The state or quality of being clear
  • n. Freedom from anything that diminishes brightness, transparency, or purity of color: as, the clearness of water or other liquid; clearness of skin.
  • n. Distinctness to the senses; the character of being readily and exactly perceived: as, clearness to the view.
  • n. Freedom from obstruction or encumbrance: as, the clearness of the ground.
  • n. Distinctness to the mind; perspicuity; intelligibility.
  • n. Acuteness of thought; absence of mental confusion; perspicacity.
  • n. Acuteness of a sense: as, clearness of sight.
  • n. Plainness or plain dealing; sincerity; honesty; fairness; candor.
  • n. Freedom from imputation or suspicion of ill.
  • n. In painting, that peculiar quality in a picture which is realized by a skilful arrangement and interdependence of colors, tints, and tones, in accordance with the principles of chiaroscuro.
  • WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  • n. free from obscurity and easy to understand; the comprehensibility of clear expression
  • n. the quality of clear water
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