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The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  • adj. Free from clouds, mist, or haze: a clear day.
  • adj. Not obscured or darkened; bright: clear daylight; a clear yellow.
  • adj. Easily seen through; transparent: clear water.
  • adj. Free from flaw, blemish, or impurity: a clear, perfect diamond; a clear record with the police.
  • adj. Free from impediment, obstruction, or hindrance; open: a clear view; a clear path to victory.
  • adj. Plain or evident to the mind; unmistakable: a clear case of cheating.
  • adj. Easily perceptible to the eye or ear; distinct.
  • adj. Discerning or perceiving easily; keen: a clear mind.
  • adj. Free from doubt or confusion; certain.
  • adj. Free from qualification or limitation; absolute: a clear winner.
  • adj. Free from guilt; untroubled: a clear conscience.
  • adj. Having been freed from contact, proximity, or connection: At last we were clear of the danger. The ship was clear of the reef.
  • adj. Free from charges or deductions; net: a clear profit.
  • adj. Containing nothing.
  • ad. Distinctly; clearly: spoke loud and clear.
  • ad. Out of the way; completely away: stood clear of the doors.
  • ad. Informal All the way; completely: slept clear through the night; read the book clear to the end.
  • v. To make light, clear, or bright.
  • v. To rid of impurities, blemishes, muddiness, or foreign matter.
  • v. To free from confusion, doubt, or ambiguity; make plain or intelligible: cleared up the question of responsibility.
  • v. To rid of objects or obstructions: clear the table; clear the road of debris.
  • v. To make (a way or clearing) by removing obstructions: clear a path through the jungle.
  • v. To remove (objects or obstructions): clear the dishes; clear snow from the road.
  • v. To remove the occupants of: clear the theater.
  • v. To remove (people): clear the children from the room.
  • v. Sports To move or shoot (a ball or puck) away from the goal or out of the defensive zone.
  • v. Sports To clear a puck out of (the defensive zone), as in ice hockey.
  • v. Computer Science To rid (a memory location or buffer, for example) of instructions or data.
  • v. Computer Science To remove (instructions or data) from memory.
  • v. To free from a legal charge or imputation of guilt; acquit: cleared the suspect of the murder charge.
  • v. To pass by, under, or over without contact: The boat cleared the dock.
  • v. To settle (a debt).
  • v. To gain (a given amount) as net profit or earnings.
  • v. To pass (a bill of exchange, such as a check) through a clearing-house.
  • v. To secure the approval of: The bill cleared the Senate.
  • v. To authorize or approve: cleared the material for publication.
  • v. To free (a ship or cargo) from legal detention at a harbor by fulfilling customs and harbor requirements.
  • v. To give clearance or authorization to: cleared the plane to land.
  • v. To free (the throat) of phlegm by making a rasping sound.
  • verb-intransitive. To become clear: The sky cleared.
  • verb-intransitive. To go away; disappear: The fog cleared.
  • verb-intransitive. To exchange checks and bills or settle accounts through a clearing-house.
  • verb-intransitive. To pass through the banking system and be debited and credited to the relevant accounts: The check cleared.
  • verb-intransitive. To comply with customs and harbor requirements in discharging a cargo or in leaving or entering a port.
  • n. A clear or open space.
  • phrasal-verb. clear out Informal To leave a place, usually quickly.
  • idiom. clear the air To dispel differences or emotional tensions.
  • idiom. in the clear Free from burdens or dangers.
  • idiom. in the clear Not subject to suspicion or accusations of guilt: The evidence showed that the suspect was in the clear.
  • Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  • adj. Completely transparent in colour
  • adj. Bright, not dark or obscured.
  • adj. Free of obstacles.
  • adj. Without clouds.
  • adj. Free of ambiguity or doubt.
  • adj. distinct, sharp, well-marked.
  • adj. Free of guilt, or suspicion.
  • adj. Of the sky, such that less than one eighth of its area is obscured by clouds.
  • adj. Without a thickening ingredient.
  • adj. Possessing little or no perceptible stimuli
  • adj. Free from the influence of engrams; see Clear (Scientology).
  • ad. All the way; entirely.
  • ad. Not near something or touching it.
  • ad. free (or separate) from others
  • v. To remove obstructions or impediments.
  • v. obstructions are removed.
  • v. To eliminate ambiguity or doubt from a matter; to clarify; especially, to clear up.
  • v. To remove from suspicion; especially of having committed a crime
  • v. To pass without interference; to miss.
  • v. To become clear.
  • v. Of a check or financial transaction, to go through as payment; to be processed so that the money is transferred.
  • v. To earn a profit of; to net.
  • v. To obtain permission to use (a sample of copyrighted audio) in another track.
  • v. To defend by hitting (or kicking, throwing, heading etc.) the ball (or puck) from the defending goal.
  • v. to fell all trees of a forest.
  • the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  • adj. Free from opaqueness; transparent; bright; light; luminous; unclouded.
  • adj. Free from ambiguity or indistinctness; lucid; perspicuous; plain; evident; manifest; indubitable.
  • adj. Able to perceive clearly; keen; acute; penetrating; discriminating.
  • adj. Not clouded with passion; serene; cheerful.
  • adj. Easily or distinctly heard; audible; canorous.
  • adj. Without mixture; entirely pure.
  • adj. Without defect or blemish, such as freckles or knots.
  • adj. Free from guilt or stain; unblemished.
  • adj. Without diminution; in full; net.
  • adj. Free from impediment or obstruction; unobstructed.
  • adj. Free from embarrassment; detention, etc.
  • n. Full extent; distance between extreme limits; especially; the distance between the nearest surfaces of two bodies, or the space between walls.
  • ad. In a clear manner; plainly.
  • ad. Without limitation; wholly; quite; entirely.
  • v. To render bright, transparent, or undimmed; to free from clouds.
  • v. To free from impurities; to clarify; to cleanse.
  • v. To free from obscurity or ambiguity; to relive of perplexity; to make perspicuous.
  • v. To render more quick or acute, as the understanding; to make perspicacious.
  • v. To free from impediment or incumbrance, from defilement, or from anything injurious, useless, or offensive; ; -- often used with of, off, away, or out.
  • v. To free from the imputation of guilt; to justify, vindicate, or acquit; -- often used with from before the thing imputed.
  • v. To leap or pass by, or over, without touching or failure.
  • v. To gain without deduction; to net.
  • verb-intransitive. To become free from clouds or fog; to become fair; -- of the weather; -- often followed by up, off, or away.
  • verb-intransitive. To become free from turbidity; -- of solutions or suspensions of liquids.
  • verb-intransitive. To disengage one's self from incumbrances, distress, or entanglements; to become free.
  • verb-intransitive. To make exchanges of checks and bills, and settle balances, as is done in a clearing house.
  • verb-intransitive. To obtain a clearance.
  • The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Free from darkness or opacity; bright; brilliant; luminous; unclouded; not obscured.
  • Bright-colored; gay; showy; magnificent.
  • Free from anything that would impair transparency or purity of color; pellucid; transparent: as, clear water; a clear complexion.
  • Specifically
  • In glass-working, free from etching, depolish, or anything which could dull the surface. Objects partially depolished are said to be half-clear.
  • Not confused or dull; quick and exact in action, as the mind or its faculties; acute, as the senses: as, a clear mind; a clear head.
  • Manifest to the mind; comprehensible; well defined or apprehended.
  • Obvious to the senses; distinctly and easily perceptible.
  • Free from anything that perturbs; undisturbed by care or passion; unruffled; serene; calm.
  • Free from guilt or blame; morally unblemished; irreproachable; pure.
  • Free from something objectionable, especially from entanglement or embarrassment; free from accusation or imputation, distress, imprisonment, or the like: absolute or followed by of or from.
  • Free from impediment or obstruction; unobstructed: as, a clear view.
  • Sounding distinctly; plainly audible; canorous: as, his voice was loud and clear.
  • Without diminution or deduction; absolute; net: as, clear profit or gain.
  • Without admixture, adulteration, or dilution: as, a fabric of clear silk; clear brandy; clear tea.
  • Free from defect or blemish: as, clear lumber.
  • Free from doubt; mentally certain; clearly convinced; sure: as, I am perfectly clear on that point.
  • Sole; unaided; unaccompanied.
  • n. In carp., arch., etc., unobstructed space; space between two bodies in which no third body intervenes; unbroken or uninterrupted surface: used only in the phrase in the clear: as, it measures fifty feet in the clear.
  • n. That which is clarified; clarified liquor or other matter.
  • n. Light; clearness.
  • Clearly; plainly; not obscurely; manifestly.
  • Quite; entirely; wholly; clean: as, to cut a piece clear off; he climbed clear to the top.
  • To remove whatever diminishes brightness, transparency, or purity of color from: as, to clear liquors; to clear a mirror; to clear the sky.
  • To make clear to the mind; free from obscurity, perplexity, or ambiguity; explain; solve; prove: now generally followed by up, or by from or of before the thing removed: as, to clear up a case; to clear a theory from doubt; to clear a statement of confusing details.
  • To free from obstructions; free from any impediment or encumbrance, or from anything useless, noxious, or injurious: as, to clear the way; to clear the table; to clear the sea of pirates; to clear land of trees; to clear the voice.
  • To free from foreign or extraneous matter; remove anything from that impairs purity or homogeneity.
  • To remove (something that has ceased to be wanted, or is of the nature of an encumbrance, impediment, or obstruction): with off, away, etc.: as, to clear off debts; to clear away the d├ębris.
  • To empty.
  • To free; liberate or disengage; rid: absolutely or with of or from: as, to clear one's self from debt or obligation.
  • To justify or vindicate; prove or declare to be innocent; acquit.
  • To make gain or profit to the amount of, beyond all expenses and charges; net.
  • To leap clean over, or pass by without touching; get over or past: as, to clear a hedge or ditch; to clear a rock at sea by a few yards.
  • Nautical and com., to free from legal detention, as imported goods or a ship, by paying duties or dues and procuring and giving the requisite documents: as, to clear a cargo; to clear a ship at the custom-house.
  • To become free from whatever diminishes brightness or transparency, as the sky from clouds or fog; become fair: absolutely or with up or off.
  • To pass away or disappear, as from the sky: followed by off or away: as, the mist clears off or away.
  • 3. To be disengaged from encumbrances, distress, or entanglements; become free or disengaged.
  • To exchange checks and bills, and settle balances, as is done in clearing-houses. See clearing-house.
  • Nautical, to leave a port: often followed by out or outward: as, several vessels cleared yesterday; the ship will clear out or outward tomorrow.
  • To make room; go away.
  • In bookbinding, to remove the waste paper and pare down the superfluous leather on the inside of a book-cover, preparatory to pasting in the end papers.
  • See def. 5, above.
  • See def. 1, above.
  • To cheer up.
  • n. In botany, an open space.
  • WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  • v. be debited and credited to the proper bank accounts
  • ad. in an easily perceptible manner
  • v. free from payment of customs duties, as of a shipment
  • adj. accurately stated or described
  • n. a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water
  • v. pass by, over, or under without making contact
  • v. make as a net profit
  • adj. clear of charges or deductions
  • adj. free from clouds or mist or haze
  • adj. free from confusion or doubt
  • v. go away or disappear
  • v. make a way or path by removing objects
  • v. remove the occupants of
  • adj. free from contact or proximity or connection
  • adj. characterized by freedom from troubling thoughts (especially guilt)
  • adj. clear and distinct to the senses; easily perceptible
  • adj. (especially of a title) free from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law
  • v. rid of obstructions
  • adj. free from flaw or blemish or impurity
  • v. make clear, bright, light, or translucent
  • v. sell
  • adj. free of restrictions or qualifications
  • v. rid of instructions or data
  • v. earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages
  • adj. (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims
  • v. free (the throat) by making a rasping sound
  • v. make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear
  • ad. completely
  • v. remove
  • adj. freed from any question of guilt
  • adj. affording free passage or view
  • adj. characterized by ease and quickness in perceiving
  • v. remove (people) from a building
  • v. clear from impurities, blemishes, pollution, etc.
  • adj. readily apparent to the mind
  • adj. easily deciphered
  • v. become clear
  • v. grant authorization or clearance for
  • v. yield as a net profit
  • v. pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
  • v. settle, as of a debt
  • v. go unchallenged; be approved
  • v. pass an inspection or receive authorization
  • n. the state of being free of suspicion
  • adj. allowing light to pass through
  • Equivalent
    nett    net    cloudless    unclouded    serene    fair    clear-thinking    clear-headed    free    untroubled   
    cloudy    obscure    thick   
    Verb Form
    cleared    clearing    clearness    clears   
    Words that are more generic or abstract
    free    discharge    area    country    profit    benefit    gain    go away    disappear    vanish   
    uncloud    brighten    gladden   
    clear off    clearing    clear up    clearance    clear out   
    Words with the same meaning
    visible    manifest    distinct    pure    obvious    evident    apparent    pellucid    perspicuous    unmixed   
    Words with the same terminal sound
    Bombardier    Chevalier    Deere    Fear    Greer    Imagineer    Lanier    Lear    Meir    Mir   
    Same Context
    Words that are found in similar contexts
    bright    full    soft    distinct    abstract    against    fool    language    review    parliamentary