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The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition
  • n. An irregularly shaped mass or piece.
  • n. A small cube of sugar.
  • n. Pathology A swelling or small palpable mass.
  • n. A collection or totality; an aggregate.
  • n. A person regarded as ungainly or dull-witted.
  • n. Informal Severe punishment or treatment, as a beating or an unsparing criticism: take one's lumps.
  • n. Informal One's just deserts; comeuppance: get one's lumps.
  • adj. Formed into lumps: lump sugar.
  • adj. Not broken or divided into parts: a lump payment.
  • v. To put together in a single group without discrimination.
  • v. To move with heavy clumsiness.
  • v. To make into lumps.
  • verb-intransitive. To become lumpy.
  • verb-intransitive. To move heavily.
  • idiom. lump in (one's) throat A feeling of constriction in the throat caused by emotion.
  • v. Informal To tolerate (what must be endured): like it or lump it.
  • Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
  • n. Something that protrudes, sticks out, or sticks together; a cluster or blob; a mound, hill, or group.
  • n. A group, set, or unit.
  • n. A small, shaped mass of sugar, typically about a teaspoonful.
  • n. A dull or lazy person.
  • n. A beating or verbal abuse.
  • v. To treat as a single unit; to group together.
  • the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English
  • n. A small mass of matter of irregular shape; an irregular or shapeless mass
  • n. A mass or aggregation of things.
  • n. A projection beneath the breech end of a gun barrel.
  • verb-intransitive. To throw into a mass; to unite in a body or sum without distinction of particulars.
  • verb-intransitive. To take in the gross; to speak of collectively.
  • verb-intransitive. To get along with as one can, although displeased.
  • The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • n. A small mass; a relatively small aggregation or conglomeration of solid matter without regular form: as, a lump of ore, clay, or dough; to melt a number of coins into one lump.
  • n. A protuberant part; a knob, bunch, or swelling: as, a lump raised on the head by a blow.
  • n. A blow.
  • n. A dull, stolid person.
  • n. In firearms
  • n. The nipple-seat on the barrel.
  • n. In a break-joint breech-loader, an iron block on the barrel which descends into a recess in the action.
  • n. A bloom or loupe of malleable iron.
  • To make into a mass; combine in a body or gross sum without distinction of particulars.
  • To take in the lump, or collectively in the gross; consider or dispose of in the gross.
  • To beat severely.
  • To act as a lumper; be employed in loading or unloading ships, as a stevedore.
  • n. The lump-fish.
  • To look sullen or glum; sulk.
  • To take without choice; take “anyhow”: a word in itself of no definite signification, used in the expression “if you don't like it, you may lump it.”
  • n. In mining, a coarse fragment of ore, coal, phosphate rock, or any useful mineral, as contrasted with the fines, spalls, or otherwise designated smaller pieces.
  • Noting the coarser grade of bituminous coal which is picked out as it comes from the mine.
  • To appear larger by aggregation; bulk: as, he lumped large in public imagination.
  • WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.
  • v. group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side
  • n. an awkward stupid person
  • n. a large piece of something without definite shape
  • n. an abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement
  • v. put together indiscriminately
  • n. a compact mass
  • Verb Form
    lumped    lumping    lumps   
    Words that are more generic or abstract
    group    clumsy person    compile    roll up    hoard    accumulate    pile up    amass    collect   
    Cross Reference
    Words with the same meaning
    gather    dislike    united   
    Words with the same terminal sound
    Hump    Trump    bump    chump    clump    crump    dump    frump    grump    gump   
    Same Context
    Words that are found in similar contexts
    chunk    bit    mound    patch    mass    bundle    ball    layer    fragment    smell